Planting tree in Iranian school and new idea

Planting tree in Iranian school and new idea

Yesterday I went to Iranian school to plant a tree with students and we did.

When I went there to make a workshop, we made a promise that before I leave Kuala Lumpur I go there to plant a tree.

I supposed to be there just before leaving KL to Melaka, but students were happy to make it on Wednesday due to some of them were going to leave KL to Iran.

But something nice happened there before planting tree in Iranian school.

When I went there, I found that the students level 3 had written a story for We Need Trees each. Before and during the workshop I asked them to do it, but I was surprised with many book that the students handed to me. They taught me an idea which is, collecting stories written by children about WE NEED TREES from all over the world and make a book after the trip. Then I can give the book to the UNICEF to publish.

Also I am going to change the link of Essay in my website to STORY and publish the stories of children there. The first story is written there and you can read it.

Ok finally I went there on Wednesday and we planted a tree with accompany of students.

Just a comment for whom who is interested to help me to make the book of stories. It would be a very hard job and it need some hands to help. If you are happy to help me to make that book I would be glad to know and take your hand I need your hand, so here you can read the first story, but for more you should go to Essays on the linkbar below the page.





( Elmira has presented this story to her kind and active teacher)

There was someone, there was no one. Except GOD there was no one.

There was a beautiful village which had a blue sky and green trees.

There was a young girl living there and her name was Sarvenaz.

Sarvenaz everyday use to go to the jungle for walk.

Sarvenaz use to break the branches of trees and disturb them.

Sometime she made a fire just near by trees and she didnt know that how her dangerous work can be a cause to burn the jungle.

One night when she was asleep, suddenly she heard a sound. She looked around.

The sound was from a tree. tree said sweet, do you know what benefits tree has?no, I don- Sarvenaz replied.

Tree said- trees has fruit, they bring you greenness and happiness, the birds can make home on their branches, they can make fresh air, when weather is hot and sun is on the sky, it is so pleasure to sit under the shade, when there is flood, trees can keep the soil firmly and they dont let flood wash the soil away.

Afterward Sarvenaz became a friend of tree.

On the next day when Sarvenaz went to jungle for walk, she didnt do what she had done before anymore.

Even she noticed the kids who were disturbing trees. She informed them about the benefits of trees.

The kids say thank to Sarvenaz, due to she had taught them many things.

From then Sarvenaz understood that what benefits tree has in our life and how much WE NEED TREES.

Author: Elmira Ghahraki ( 9 years old- student level 3)

Painter: Elmira Ghahraki

December 2007

Iranian school - Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

6 Dec 2007


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