Planting tree in OSZ Mett – Bozingen in Biel-Bienne

Last time when I was in Biel-Bienne, Renate introduced me to a friend of her who is teaching in one public school in Biel. I couldn’t stay longer that time also in a short notice she couldn’t organize a time for our workshop. So we planned for Monday 18 of March to return and have our workshop there. From Geneva I took a train to Biel and I left my bike there to come here and visit the school. we started at 9 am with 2 classes and after a short break there was another class which was kind of international one.
Just few students but we had a very nice conversation and at the end of class we planted a tree together. During the lunch time Pia and I went to a restaurant where elderly people live and Renate also joined us. After lunch I had another class in school and again 2 classes merged to have a longer session. a
s they were older a bit, around 14-15 years old then we could talk about some other issues too like peace, poverty and of course environment. We saw together a video and we discussed about it. Thanks to Renate, Pia and all students who kindly participated in our workshop.
18 March 2013


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Released at October 28
After nearly 3 months I am on my back to Iran. last 2 years I didnt travel much because I should spend more time in Iran working on the Association to develop it. this year also I will spend few months in Iran in order to do more work for the Association. Of course is not that easy for me to stay in Iran long time but I have an important job to do though. 
I think I am almost done with Europe and my next leg of journey will be South America in 2018.