Planting tree in Girona

5 years ago on May 2008 I met Marta Maergali from Spain in New Zealand while we were both cycling but in oposite directions.  we were staying both in  haast in a hostel. just an hour of chat at night and saying goodbye next morning was all our friendship experience.
I kept in touch with her through my common emails I send once a while and when I came to Europe she invited me kindly to his house if I pass through her city.
I cycled through Pyrenees and I entered to Spain from North East and directly I cycled to Girona, where Marta is living.  it was wonderful meeting her and gladly I found out which she is teaching English in a school, so she could organize a workshop to visit her school and talk to students.
First I went there on Monday and we had a workshop in her class, but Gemma, the other teacher also were intesrted to visit her calss as well on Tuesday. that was great chance, but they found it a bit hard organizing tree planting as the head master was not there and they couldnt find her.
while I was waiting for Gemma to come and leave the school she came back smiling!! "everything is organized " she said! YES she met the head master by kind of chance and he said thats fine for tree planting and we could plant a tree in school on Tuesday.
I started at 11:25 on Tuesday and we finished at almost 12:30 including our tree planting and later when I went to er classs to get the pictures, her students asked to continue our talk and we almost cancelled her class and we discucced a bit more about environment and also my journey.
after a lovely day I was done and I left school with lots of joy and peace

29 April 2013



Here is the text bi Gema, the teacher who organized tree planting :

On 30th April our high school had a really pleasant visit. Mohamad Tajran visited us and we received his message in a nice and green way.
I met him on 29th April and in very short time everything was arranged for him to make our students a speech and to plant a tree. So on Tuesday 30th he made a beautiful and encouraging speech to some of our 4th ESO students. They were very enthusiastic and involved well in his speech and in planting a tree.
The piece of land chosen to plant a tree was right next to our sports area. I have to thank the great help of our garden teacher, who mowed the grass before our green action and who also chose the type of tree to be planted: a tree strawberry, which is typical of the Mediterranean area. He told the students its origin and how it changed during the different seasons, so the students could recognise it when they saw it.
The students really loved planting a tree and what it meant and means. They were really helpful when planting it. If they keep in mind Mohamad’s words when doing any action, then maybe we will have environmentally friendly people in the future.



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Released at September 20

My training program is over now and I am ready to start my journey through Iran. Just few days left before I start cycling again. 
My plan is to cycle to the north and visit schools personally and also train facilitators for our educational program. 
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