My journey in Iran before meeting with Rick

Meeting Rick in Iran and starting our common project Despite all my efforts to prepare my visa to Oman didn’t succeed.
Waiting to get ready my visa is a part of challenges that I face in my trips. Rick and I had a common project to do in Oman country but waiting for visa was postponing this one hand this obstacle had kept my mind busy, on other hand I believed that this delay has reason and must happen to me. I believe my faith. This kind of attitude to my problems and obstacles that I face in my way makes me calm and reduce my stress.
i make my efforts as much as I can and the result is not important wil definitely find the way for getting my goals… After more than 2 month of my waiting for getting Oman visa(one month in Seoul and more than one month in Iran) and suspending my status, I finally started my journey.
Rick and I changed our decision about the location of the project and he came to Iran in Qeshm island where doesn’t need visa and is a free zone. I traveled to this island to join Rick and we are going to start our common project for 10 -12 days and then I will lonely travel around Iran till spring season and New Year…. Let me write about what happened to me during my waiting days for getting visa in Iran. Most of my time spent in meeting my friends and talking to them about travelling .Sometimes it took me such a long time that I had no enough time to meet my family (like my aunt).
I like sharing my time with people and talking to them. Perhaps it could be helpful and give motivation to ones who are eager to this kind of life. In the middle of these busy days ,I found some days that I had no appointment with any one and no important work to do and …for example It was a very nice idea when I had been suggested by my nephew that we go to the pool. Swimming to the pool about 2 hours with 2 friends of mine and my nephew and then going to a coffee shop without talking on the cell phone as much as previous days, allowed me to be for myself and experience a very nice and relaxing afternoon. Visiting some schools and starting practically the project of peace was the most importing work that I did during these weeks. Sharing the letters with students that Rick had provided and getting their responses was the first practical step of this project. It was so good and hopeful.
The behaviors and the reactions of children because of having a foreign friend and writing to him were too enjoyable and enthusiastic that made me more determined to work on this project and continue this way more seriously than before. I had another important work that unfortunately I couldn’t do it and I had to cancel it. It was traveling with my Mum .I had thought about it and it was so important to me. My plan was that I start travelling from Mashhad and drive my mom to desert for 2 or 3 days then return to Tehran. Unfortunately, because of catching a bad cold,I had to rest for 2 or 3 days and it caused me to be way behind in my official works on my passport.
Doing these works took me about 2-3 days and made me loose the opportunity that I truly wanted to share with my mom. Before having a TV interview in Tehran ,I was introduced to a documentary filmmaker and he called me to involve me in a part of his documentary .After going to his office to have a conversation with each other about the project ,I got a negative feedback and decided not to work with him .First of all I realized that putting on my necklace ,bracelet ,short-sleeved shirt ,red color of my shirt ,… are a big problem and in order to cover all of them ,I need to wear a loos fitting and funny jacket!!!It wasn’t too big problem to reject this project but there was more important problem that made me ignore working with him!!!
After the interview ,I gave the filmmaker the address of my site and told him you can choose some pictures and information that you need for your was so strange to me that made me so sorry when he answered :I have no time for choosing your pictures and finding information in your site !you do it yourself….. there was a big question in my mind that how you have no time for your work?!!!I never work with someone who has no time for his profession and doesn’t take his job seriously. This is not my duty to help a person who needs my help because of his or her laziness. I never do it. This subject was so disappointing to me and made me so sorry. One of these days I drove to Kashan to see one of my friends who loves travelling and I hadn’t had this opportunity to meet her. she came from Esfehan and join me in Kashan to be each other for one day in desert.
Instead of going to Maranjab desert that was near Kashan ,we decided to go to Mesr desert which was 500km away .Driving in desert at night was very nice experience .Midnight we got there and made fire. we stayed awake till 3-4 in the morning and my eager to watch the sunrise in desert made me sleep less than 3 hours. I had really missed the desert night because I have found the desert the best element of nature and desert is most beautiful and valuable part of nature to me .I love desert more than mountain, jungle, sea ,ocean ,..I truly rejoice the infinite horizon and the infinite silence which are in desert .It makes me happy with all my heart and feels great joy and delight with all my body cells! Anyway, Although my friend had decided to go to Turkey that day but preferred to postpone her ticket for one day in order to meet her Mom more.
It means that she accepted to pay more money(cancellation penalty ticket) for being with her mother just a few hours more! It was so valuable to me and give me a very good feeling. I am happy I live in the country which has people who have this kind of attitude! A attitude that made you change the date of your trip and postpone your ticket only because of having a phone call of your mom and feeling her stress!this kind of thoughts are seen in oriental countries. These are the reasons that cause me love my country. Although I have seen lots of different countries with the better condition for living but I prefer to choose Iran for living if sometimes I decide to settle somewhere. There are so valuable things in our cultures that are very respectful and I really appreciate them with all my heart.
I was going to drive my friend to Ardestan which is 110km from Isfehan, then she could possibly took a bus for going to Esfehan. When I thought more deeply ,my decision changed. I thought that my friend postponed her ticket and it cost him a lot only for meeting her mother a few hours more. she would waste her time about 3 or 4 hours for taking a bus and going there but in the way of my car it would take him an hour …..My friend was sleep in my car and I was so happy that I am able to drive my friend and help her meeting her Mom 2 or 3 hours more… I drove about 1900 km during 40 hours for visiting desert .Perhaps ,it is not reasonable to drive this long path in 2 days but being in desert was too valuable to make me drive a long way.
It shows me that I still has a strong motivation for getting the things that I really eager to achieve in my life. Struggling and making efforts for what I really want ,getting and enjoying! Being far away in Mesr desert and driving long distance in short time never be able to stop me … So it was the summery of all I have done during my trip to Iran before I start riding my bike with Rick…. February 4, 2014


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Released at October 28
After nearly 3 months I am on my back to Iran. last 2 years I didnt travel much because I should spend more time in Iran working on the Association to develop it. this year also I will spend few months in Iran in order to do more work for the Association. Of course is not that easy for me to stay in Iran long time but I have an important job to do though. 
I think I am almost done with Europe and my next leg of journey will be South America in 2018.