Visiting Montessori school in Zurich and planting tree in a kinder garden in Wil

I came back to Montessori school to visit a class and also to thank them for their support.
When I visited the school first time in 2012, Mrs Rachelle Olson helped me a lot to reach more classes and about 10 months later she organized a book sale in the school. 
kids brought some second hand bok and some mothers backed some cookies or...for the market and afterward they sent me the money to support my journey and " we need trees" project. 
so it was nice to go back there and meet them again and thank them.
Also I had a chance to have another class and workshop with another group of kids.


This is the poster of book sale from Montessori school to support trees.

 I showed kids some informative PowerPoint, videos and we discussed about environment and the ways we could support our nature. 

As always we have a picture all together to memorise our workshop.


Alena and Balz helped me to visit Alena's classroom in the kinder garden. I was trying to find some birds in the trees to show kids and talk about thei rhome, but surprisingly we could not find any. but we played a bit around the trees and at last we planted one tree together. 

 Balz's kids were helping me to plant a tree.


Latest News

Released at October 28
After nearly 3 months I am on my back to Iran. last 2 years I didnt travel much because I should spend more time in Iran working on the Association to develop it. this year also I will spend few months in Iran in order to do more work for the Association. Of course is not that easy for me to stay in Iran long time but I have an important job to do though. 
I think I am almost done with Europe and my next leg of journey will be South America in 2018.