Cycling through Arlberg pass in winter

After finishing the weekend with Claus, I knew that on Monday it would be snowing.In one moment, I thought to leave on Tuesday but I received an email from Aleksandra a friend of mine in Imst that on Tuesday morning I had a school. So, Monday was the only time I had to leave. I have to be there on Monday evening.
There is no way because I had a school Tuesday morning in Landeck. But the problem was I had 110 or 120 kms to Roppen and it was quite impossible to do in one day in a snowy day and I had to go to over the path which was impossible to do it in one day. Claus offered me to take me for 30 or 35 kms to the beginning of the path to the village called Stuben and then from there I could cycle. So he dropped me there.
I was there about 9 in the morning and snowing was hard. Claus told me: hey Mohammad, I can take you to the path and then you can go by yourself. I said: you know Claus,I want to do it myself. Because in last two years when I was going through the path, I got stuck in the snow in a very blizzard weather and claus saved me that day. He gave me lift and that’s why we became friend. He invited me to his house that night and then we became a very best friend. Now after 2 years, he is going to leave me in the same condition and it was feeling very bad.
He was not happy and later when I was in St Anton and sitting in a café to check my mail he sent me: hey Mohammad, I was feeling very bad today because two years ago I saved you in this condition and now I had to leave you in this weather and heavy snow .I didn’t feel comfortable. I told him this was my decision Claus. I wanted to do it on myself. It was like a challenge for me. When the life is getting easy, then you need a challenge to go over a challenge to face some difficulties to understand the value of life to evaluate your mental ability or your strength and power. I was happy to do it but when I opened the car, I got out ..bad challenging today!!!but I said to myself: hey come on! Just do it! Don’t worry about anything. Just do it. Then, I packed my bike and I said goodbye to Claus and I began to cycle. After 5 kms cycling, a bus driver which was passing me said: would you like to put your bike inside and I could take you through the path? I told him: No thank you. I am going to do it myself.
He said ok and good luck. when I kept cycling, after 2 kilometer, I couldn’t cycle anymore and I had to push my bike for more than an hour to the top of the path and still when I was going over the path and going down I couldn’t cycle when I went down because the snow. I couldn’t sit on the saddle. It was like a standing on the frame and hold my legs on the two side of bike not on the pedals to keep the balance. But the funny thing was that every car which was passing me slowed down to take me a picture and passed. I was feeling so funny. Ok,I am entertaining these people now!!!

It was in Zoch. There were some guys. One of them came and we had a little chat and I gave him my name card. Later after 2 or 3 days, I received a message from the face book from a friend called Tiffin. He used to live in Kazakhstan when I was 2011 when I was there and wecouldn’t meet or make up a meeting for a couple of times and after that she moved to Tunisia because she lived in Tunisia. She wrote me that I was on vacation in Austria and in the evening there were some other guys joined us and one of them was telling me about a guy who was cycling through the pass! then I asked him: Was he Iranian? He said yes. Was he Mohammad? He said yes and I wasskiingthe same place in that time, it was so pity that we couldn’t meet.We missed eachother again. It was pity. It would be great to meet a friend.

Anyway,I went down to St Anton. After St Anton, there was a hotel. 2 years ago, when I was cycling from that opposite direction,It was the same condition. I stopped there to have a coffee and get warm and a little rest. The owner of the hotel told me that I think you are stupide. He took a picture of me. He said: my friends won’t believe that some body was cycling in this weather. I am going to show them this picture. So, I went to the same café just to have coffee there and show them and meet them again but the owner was not there. The staff recognized me and we had a little chat with them. Again I kept cycling and I arrived to Imst and I kept cycling to Rappen. When I arrived to Roppen, I called Barbara and she picked me with Soniya. I followed their car to the Soniya’s house. I met Barbara 2 years ago in Imst.
I went to supermarket to buy some milk and when I got out the supermarket , there was a lady that I showed my map and told her :excuse me how can I  get through this road?I showed her a road going through a path called Hantenjuch or something like that. It was a high path which was close all over the winter. She looked at me and said I think you are stupid. That path is close all over the winter. You can’t go there. We had one minute chat together and just left. Later, she added me on the face book and then we became a friend and now after 2 years I was there again to meet her, a friend who added me on the face book , became a friend and kept communicating each other. One of them offered me a place to stay. So I arrived Roppen.I went to Soniya’s house. It was a very nice room. I stayed there for a night. on Tuesday, I had a school in the morning in Landeck. I had 3 classes in Landeck which was great as always. We planted the tree with kids there.
In the afternoon we went home and I was still tired. Barbara and Soniya told me: would you like to go for walk with Florian, her son. I said ok. I might go there. I looked at the window and it was a beautiful sunny day outside.I just slept for more than hour. I had a beautiful nap. The next day I had a school and after the school we went to do was my first experience in Imst. It was so much fun. I have never done it before. When I was sliding down, I was shouting at some people who were in the road to get out the road and said: this is my first time. I might hit anything on my way. On Thursday, I had another school in the morning. There were quite young about 17 years old. In that age they have different concern and it is not easy to take their attention.
But when I was there after the break time, students didn’t want to leave the room and they asked me to continue which was kind of me and it was great. I love this kind of class because when the students are motivated to listen and continue, somethings are happening and they are thinking about it. After class we planted a tree and in the afternoon the teacher called and she was happy and I was happy too.People appreciate and I do appreciate. I like it. It is sth for the nature. When we planted a tree, we touched the soiland we appreciate the plan, the tree and the earth.

After finishing the school I came home, I told soniya that I love to go to sky to walk around the mountain. I was tired honestly but it was the challenge I have and I shouldn’t miss it because I am not living here. I am not living through the mountain and I just passing by. I don’t know when would be my next chance to learn sth. let’s do it . I was like a pushing. Soniya please do it. We went  but when we were out, we were both fine. We were so happy because it was so quiet and not crowded at all. The weather was so calm not cold. We walked and skied down through 

the peseta. I was almost done in Imst. The next day,on Friday, I left Imst to Innsbruck I arrived toInnsbruck. It was an easy ride about 60 kms on flat road. I directed to lora’s house who was from warm shower. When I arrived there and I checked my facebook I received a message from face book that a guy wrote me: hey Mohammad,I was waiting for the bus today, I saw a bike was passing full of pack and just a moment I realized he is that you. I couldn’t wait and I had to go. Let’s meet in Innsbruck. It was funny that I met that guy exactly 8 years ago in 2007 in India and after 8 years he met me by chance in the street which was quite great.On Saturday morning, my friend Rafael from Germany came down to meet upon with another friend named Lucas. They came to pick me to go to the mountain for a walk.
It was a beautiful sunny day in Innsbruck. We were for sky touring. we walked in the mountain but on the way down, I was so bad. I was absolutely bad. I couldn’t sky at all because it was my first time to go to the out of piste and do skiing in the very fresh deep snow. My sky was about 20 cm longer than my size also I had a very heavy backpack and I couldn’t keep my balance. It was hard. I fell down 2 times and I was very worry about my knees. My best friend Abbas broke his leg in the same situation so I didn’t want that happen to me. That makes a lot of fear of me. That fear didn’t let me to sk

y actually. Finally I came down and after we arrived to the piste I couldn’t even sky to the piste. I had forgotten all lessons that I had learnt in sky during last few days. Finally I gave my back pack to Rafael and Icouldn’t a little bit sky down. We came all and I just changed my cloth and we went for music somewhere in the little town near Innsbruck.I arrive 2 in the morning and I was super tired. The only chance I had for meeting ??was the next morning 8:30 or 9. It means I couldn’t sleep much. I had to sleep about 6 hours, woke up, took a shower and went over to meet him. I thought. I was here and he was here too and after 8 years it was the only chance to meet him.
I shouldn’t miss it. I should keep my chance. So I went out and we had a light breakfast together and after that we went to visit another friend who I met him by chance 2 years ago in train. 2 years ago, I left my bicycle in Claus’s house and I went to Wurgle to meet a friend. On the way back in the train,I met a girl. We had a 5 minute chat.I just asked her the direction and the time table for the next train because I had to change my train to Innsbruck .she offered me how to get a ticket for the machine. I knew that because I bought another ticket by myself. So, I knew how to work with the ticket machine. When she said to me:I can helped you to buy a ticket from that machine, I said ok fine. Thank you very much. I didn’t say that I know it. Then we had a little conversation and we had a coffee together. I found that there was a lot of common interest that we can concern about it.

 When she married,he planted a tree for her in some where and when her father died she also planted a tree for her father in mountain. Now after 2 years, I was visiting her in her apartment. She had a 6 weeks little girl who was so cute and very nice husband. There were a lot of   changes in her life. We had breakfast together. We had a lot of chat together. I told her that if I would said: I knew how to work to the machine 2 years ago, I would miss this chance to meet you again and have a friend like you. Whatever comes to me, I just accept it. I try to be so open to whatever comes to me. I don’t care. I don’t say thank you very much I don’t need it! Because I believed that any thing comes to you,there is a reason for that . There is something behind it. Just be patient and watch out to see what is behind.  Just accept it. That friendship is the benefit of accepting and offering for the help. But I know I am blessed with the very good friend.

Anyway, after that I came with Rafael and we had a coffee and we had a walk in the city and then I said goodbye to him. He left to Rosenhaim and I came home.I was supposed to leave today to Italy but it was still cold and snowing. The weathe

Anyway to next episode enjoy and just enjoy.r is going to be sunny from tomorrowand 10 degrees warmer. I decided to stay more in Innsbruck finish my work and then go to Italy tomorrow.  



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