Visiting school in Rome

After I return to Italy I went to Napoli for 2 days and then I took a train to Rome. 
I arrived to Rome at 8:30 in th emorning and directly I went to the school where my friend, Manuele has his kids studying there.
It was a combination of two larg groups, but after 30 min they splited and smal ones went out and we continued with older ones.

here I received few lines by one of the students caled " Flavio" who is also Manuele's son.
today, I learned to respect more the nature, has to understand that trees are very important and are used to support the lives of many animals, birds and insects. I understand that the garbage that we throw on the ground can be eaten by animals. I realized that everything that we do wrong "sooner or later there has repercussions against". 

Thanks a lot to Manuele who helped me to organize this workshop and Flavio for his report.
 27 April 2015




Latest News

Released at July 2
I have been in Iran quite a long time. I am here to develop the WNT Association in Iran which takes lots of time and energy. But it definitally is needed to spend this time here to have the Association working. 
To be honest it is not easy for me to stay somewhere longer than a month and is getting super hard but in the other hand I have no choice. Just need to be patient and concentrate on this work. 
Hopefully I can manage it sooner to be free again and continue my journey. I am also looking for a publisher to publish my book.