Speaking in Safir language academy on world day to combat desertification

I was invited to speak in Safir language academy to talk about environment, the WNT Association and what any person individualy can do to save our planet. 
It was great to share some of my experience with others and I found it as part of mt responsibility to make a move or even to make people think a it more about what happening around them. 
I focused on critical thinking of our behaviour in our daily activities to see how everything we do is effecting our environment. 
Safir Language academy I believe is a quite great platform to develop WNT educational project and we are trying to find a common way to do our projects. Since they are an environment friendly company and they are trying to do somethings good for the nature as part of their CSR, I think we can do some work together. 


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Released at July 2
I have been in Iran quite a long time. I am here to develop the WNT Association in Iran which takes lots of time and energy. But it definitally is needed to spend this time here to have the Association working. 
To be honest it is not easy for me to stay somewhere longer than a month and is getting super hard but in the other hand I have no choice. Just need to be patient and concentrate on this work. 
Hopefully I can manage it sooner to be free again and continue my journey. I am also looking for a publisher to publish my book.