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Whats up here?

I am looking to find a way to send the message of "We Need Trees" as far as I can. This message is a symbol of our work but educating more people and increase the awareness about environment are what I am about to do. Education is a very important way to stop destroying the nature, and of course kids are making future. so educated kids will do much better than what we are doing now!!!!
I want to give this message to you , all of you and all people of the world without considering their race , religion or nationality .
I am going to ask all the people of the world to keep the “ care for the
world and plant trees ” , because our life depends on the life of the trees .
To put it in action ,I am cycling around the world to pass the message of WE NEED TREES and in cities along the way I go to schools to make a workshop for kids and talk about trees. I talk about trees and their importance in our life and we discuss to find out what we indevidually can do for our planet to keep it clean.
Kids are making future and if they learn how to look after nature then we will have green earth and blue sky.
About my workshops in school 
In the school we usually set a workshop with students ( age between 7 to the end of high school !). first I tell them about my journey a bit and after ward we discuss about our personal impact on environment. there re some materials like PPT, pictures, video which I use during the class. 
At the end we wrap up with planting a tree all together to symbolize our action and make a physical contact with earth. we always use our hands to give dirt and soil to the tree and some part of our soul too, in return to receive from earth.
 All my activities and visiting school is for free, just I will be happy if school provide the tree, otherwise I will bring it myself. 


Cycling through the last part of mountain in Austria



In Innsbruck I didn’t have any school to visit or anything to do, I just wanted to have rest and get refresh again.
Mirjam was living in a hill which is faced to the city and I could see all the city at night which was amazing.
I arrived there tired but she said that she has a meeting with some friends and if I am interested to join we can go together. I was tired but there was a chance to meet new people and of course new experiences, so it was the purpose of my journey so, I quickly took a shower and we went there.

At night I just died but like all the time after having a tough day I couldn’t sleep well. Usually I cant sleep very well after a hard day or when I am in my tent for a couple of days.

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Cycling in winter...some hard challenges!!



After 2 nights staying in Linz I left there. It was great staying with Annett who is Auralia’s aunt and her family.
they were just great people.
I loaded my bike and hugged them and said goodbye to them. the street was still white and a bit cold but I was glad to be on the road again riding my bike and looking forward to go through new places and specially some mountains.
I had 15km to Linz and I should cross the city with a little map I had from the town. Anyway it took me 1 hour to cross the town and then I was on the road again heading south west. I was following the main road because the bicycle path was full of snow and hard to ride but luckily the road was not so busy and annoying.
I knew I would have 2 light days to Salzburg but still I didn’t have anyone in Salzburg to stay with.  So I decided to stay one night by a lake 90km

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Cycling from Vienna to Linz along the Danube




After 3 days in Vienna I was ready to leave again. In fact it was a couple of days with not much cycling. 4 days in Budapest, 2 days in Bratislava and 3 days also in Vienna and I had just a day for cycling from Bratislava to Vienna with James.
if I wouldn’t have even that day then it would be hard again to get fit but having a ride within those days was fine enough to keep my legs turning pedals.
Always when I am going to face a hard ride, I am not in hurry and I let everything goes very smooth and from Vienna I knew I will have some hard days ahead so I was relax and didn’t leave the house early.
a night before I leave I was checking the map with Aurelia to find out which route is better to take,

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Planting tree in British school (Bratislava- Slovakia )



After I visit British school n Warsaw the head of primary school kindly sent an email to the British school in Bratislava.
I received a kind email from Niki Meehan the head of primary school in Bratislava informing their willing to help me in my project for planting a tree and a workshop.
they also kindly offered me accommodation while staying there which was really kind of them,

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Cycling hrough Slovakiat



The first day in Bialeska-Biawa was so busy, I had 5 interviews with newspapers, local radio and TV and I was at home almost whole day. We were planning to see the forest but I was enough tired to skip the plan and just stay at home.

My plan was just to stay there one day and leave on Wednesday but I just felt I need to stay one more day doing nothing. After Krakow and a lot of sight seeing, riding to Bialeska-Biawa and that big pain I had on my knee, I just felt which I need to have a day off from everything and sleep. So I decided to postpone my departure and keep silence on a corner in house. So after having breakfast with Grezegorz and Anna I went to my room, closed the door and lied on bed. Just relax and I was not thinking of anything.  That’s true which there was a beautiful forest nearby and some mountain but I needed to keep my power and I should avoid of getting tired or exhausted.

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Cycling from Warsaw to Krakow- winter is showing up now!!


As always I slept too late at night before I left Warsaw. Always is like that, when I stay somewhere for a couple of days then I make a big mess around the room and it takes hours to clean up and pack again, also I had to write my dairies, do radio reports…so I slept almost 3:30am.
Before leaving Warsaw I should meet Katalin to get the things she was making for me, so I cycled to the center to meet her and I left city at about 11:30.
The weather was quite nice, not that cold and luckily dry, so I could cycle about 85km which was quite fine for such a short time.
It was quite hard to find a place to camp because there was not that much forest there.

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I arrived in Warsaw and I went directly to Rose and Marcin’s house, anyway it was funny that with Marcin we couldn’t figure out how to meet!! Two experienced cyclist but almost one hour searching to find each other. It was funny but I was there in their house at night and a hot bath was waiting for me and a nice dinner.
2 days before I arrived to Warsaw I had such a really bad feeling. I was cycling through the forest which I felt a heavy and worrying environment surrounding me. I couldn’t realize what should it be!! I was worry about my family, Rose or even my friends in Biawagorce which I was going to visit them. Gosia ( my friend from Biawagorce who I met first in 2005 and hosted them in Mashhad)

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Planting tree in British school, Warsaw



After Fatma Bulaz who is correspondence for weneedtrees project contacted almost 15 schools in Warsaw, we finally got an answer from Mr. Colter S . Watt the head of British primary school in warsaw notifying their interest for us to visit the school and plant a tree there.

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Cycling from Berlin to Warsaw


I stayed a day more in Berlin as I haven’t seen much from Berlin and also I just felt I need to stay one more day.
I slept almost at 2:30 am on Tuesday while I was planning to start cycling that day, so it was the reason I snoozed the alarm a couple of times, anyway it was raining and needs a lot of courage to sit on bike after 5 days. Finally I woke up at 9. While I had breakfast with Nassim I was asking her couple of times “ does it still raining?” but still it was !
No way…I should leave anyway today either it rains or not ! always it is the same while I look at something from outside, I see it hard or difficult and sometimes scary but I just need some courage to step in and as soon as I get into the situation I see it not that hard. I have some other point of view of this kind of situations. For me it means that nature is scaring me to see how strong I am or how determined, the nature does not allow weak people to enjoy and touch it

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Latest News

Released at October 28
After nearly 3 months I am on my back to Iran. last 2 years I didnt travel much because I should spend more time in Iran working on the Association to develop it. this year also I will spend few months in Iran in order to do more work for the Association. Of course is not that easy for me to stay in Iran long time but I have an important job to do though. 
I think I am almost done with Europe and my next leg of journey will be South America in 2018.