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This journey has started by 500$ donation by a couple from Switzerland (Margareta Ferroni and Louis Bukhud) and it has been relieing on public donations.


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Whats up here?

I am looking to find a way to send the message of "We Need Trees" as far as I can. This message is a symbol of our work but educating more people and increase the awareness about environment are what I am about to do. Education is a very important way to stop destroying the nature, and of course kids are making future. so educated kids will do much better than what we are doing now!!!!
I want to give this message to you , all of you and all people of the world without considering their race , religion or nationality .
I am going to ask all the people of the world to keep the “ care for the
world and plant trees ” , because our life depends on the life of the trees .
To put it in action ,I am cycling around the world to pass the message of WE NEED TREES and in cities along the way I go to schools to make a workshop for kids and talk about trees. I talk about trees and their importance in our life and we discuss to find out what we indevidually can do for our planet to keep it clean.
Kids are making future and if they learn how to look after nature then we will have green earth and blue sky.
About my workshops in school 
In the school we usually set a workshop with students ( age between 7 to the end of high school !). first I tell them about my journey a bit and after ward we discuss about our personal impact on environment. there re some materials like PPT, pictures, video which I use during the class. 
At the end we wrap up with planting a tree all together to symbolize our action and make a physical contact with earth. we always use our hands to give dirt and soil to the tree and some part of our soul too, in return to receive from earth.
 All my activities and visiting school is for free, just I will be happy if school provide the tree, otherwise I will bring it myself. 


Returning to Italy to continue with my new extended visa


I returned to Italy to continue. 
It took me nearly 3 weeks to extend my visa and get it and I was so happy to have it finally extended. 
Now I have more time to cycle through Europe.

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Going to Switzerland to extend my visa


I had to Leave my bike in Rome and go back to Switzerland to extend my visa. My direction was north and I had no idea how to get there. 
I just sent some requests toBlaBl car to findif I can have a ride to any city in north and I found one to La Spezia and then I should continue to Milan and Bern hitchhiking or ...!! I just had to go north to Bern before my current visa expires.

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Cycling from Parma to Rome through Tuscany


I Left Parma in afternoon towatd south. I just knew that I have to go south and I cycled towatd a city called La Spezia to visit Cinuque Terre which is a kind very famous place in Italy.
After I arrived to Riomaggore which is the starting point of Cinque Terre I felt kind of strange there and I just left. 


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Cycling through Dolomite mountain in Italy


I came to Italy onFebraury 8th and passed Brenner pass from Innsbruck to Bolzano. 
My plan was to go through Dolomite mountains and enjoy its beauty while I was enough lucky to have 4 days sunny sky in row.

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Cycling through Arlberg pass in winter


After finishing the weekend with Claus, I knew that on Monday it would be snowing.In one moment, I thought to leave on Tuesday but I received an email from Aleksandra a friend of mine in Imst that on Tuesday morning I had a school. So, Monday was the only time I had to leave. I have to be there on Monday evening.
There is no way because I had a school Tuesday morning in Landeck. But the problem was I had 110 or 120 kms to Roppen and it was quite impossible to do in one day in a snowy day and I had to go to over the path which was impossible to do it in one day.

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Presentation and planting tree in OSZT ( Oberstufen zentrum tauffellen ) - Biel-Biene


I met Lukas in my friends house and after we talked a bit about my journey and my project, he kindly invited me to visit his class in OSZT ( Oberstufen zentrum tauffellen ) - Biel-Biene.
we fixed a date and on Thursday January 29 I went to visit his class and share some ideas and my experiences with his students.
we talked about some problems we have in our world and at last we planted a tree in a pot just to symbolize our work and to touch the soil.
Thanks a lot to all the students and Lukas. 

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Last week of cycling through Switzerland


After I came back to Switzerland, I had to prepare for the association. I had to organize for the meeting.

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Visiting Montessori school in Zurich and planting tree in a kinder garden in Wil


I came back to Montessori school to visit a class and also to thank them for their support.
When I visited the school first time in 2012, Mrs Rachelle Olson helped me a lot to reach more classes and about 10 months later she organized a book sale in the school. 
kids brought some second hand bok and some mothers backed some cookies or...for the market and afterward they sent me the money to support my journey and " we need trees" project. 
so it was nice to go back there and meet them again and thank them.
Also I had a chance to have another class and workshop with another group of kids

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Getting back to Switzerland


After that quite very cold night that I had spent in the tent, in the morning I couldn’t leave quite early because all around of my tent was frozen. At the top of my sleeping bag, there was a layer of ice. It was like a frost.  So I had to wait for the sun to rise. Likely it was a sunny day to dry up my tent and clean all the ice. Fortunately in the next night, I didn’t need to stay outside and I had a friend in Ulm. I just left around 11 o’clock.  I arrived Ulm around 5 in the evening and directly cycled to my friend’s house. I had a warm place to stay. That night was quite nice after such very cold days.

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Latest News

Released at October 6

I had 10 days of cycling in Iran, going up and down through many hills and mountains which was quite hard in my first days of cycling.
Finally I made it on the righ ttime to be in Golestan national park where I am going to run a campaign to clean up the park from trash. I have invited people from all over the country to come and join to clean it up. 
The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue 6 days till October 12. 
Afterward I will keep cycling north....