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Whats up here?

I am looking to find a way to send the message of "We Need Trees" as far as I can. This message is a symbol of our work but educating more people and increase the awareness about environment are what I am about to do. Education is a very important way to stop destroying the nature, and of course kids are making future. so educated kids will do much better than what we are doing now!!!!
I want to give this message to you , all of you and all people of the world without considering their race , religion or nationality .
I am going to ask all the people of the world to keep the “ care for the
world and plant trees ” , because our life depends on the life of the trees .
To put it in action ,I am cycling around the world to pass the message of WE NEED TREES and in cities along the way I go to schools to make a workshop for kids and talk about trees. I talk about trees and their importance in our life and we discuss to find out what we indevidually can do for our planet to keep it clean.
Kids are making future and if they learn how to look after nature then we will have green earth and blue sky.
About my workshops in school 
In the school we usually set a workshop with students ( age between 7 to the end of high school !). first I tell them about my journey a bit and after ward we discuss about our personal impact on environment. there re some materials like PPT, pictures, video which I use during the class. 
At the end we wrap up with planting a tree all together to symbolize our action and make a physical contact with earth. we always use our hands to give dirt and soil to the tree and some part of our soul too, in return to receive from earth.
 All my activities and visiting school is for free, just I will be happy if school provide the tree, otherwise I will bring it myself. 


A guest house on the middle of nowhere


We passed a little town called Jamseong through a local market which could be one of the best one I saw in Korea.
some traditional music and dance attracted our attention and we sat there in the little square to watch a piece of culture and to enjoy seeing people singing, dancing and be happy.
we looked at our watch both and we agreed to leave as we didn’t know exactly how is the road ahead of us!
Finally we got to the turn off where I could see a climb, a steep one and we left the main road to go through that windy road.
we saw its picture from our Australian friends who went through that road.
we were climbing and after actually a long climb we didn’t reach that windy road, so it was totally clear that it should be in the other side.
We have cycled through so many climbs, so a steep itself is not something to attract our attention but that one was totally different, where we could see the entire road winding and going down which was really nice and worth it to spend a couple of days to get there

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Cycling through beautiful autumn in Korea


I was in Korea for sometimes and a part my few days of ride to Daego I did not cycle a lot here in Korea. I heard a lot about mountains, rivers and beauty of nature in Korea and I was about to explore it trough my own exploration.
Regarding to my original plan I supposed to go back to Iran around November 11 to organize our peace ride with Rick. 
so I had some days left before I go to Iran and I was thinking that it might not be a good idea to spend just 10-15 days in Japan and instead of going to Japan for such a short time it would be better to stay longer in Korea and see more from the country.
I called Jared a fellow cyclist who I met in Ara bike festival and he kindly invited me to stay with them in Seoul.  I called Jared and after having some meeting one after another finally I made it to their house in the evening.
We began to talk, to share ideas,

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Planting tree in Seoul Foreign School


I just posted on my FB that I am going to S Korea. Straight away I received a comment from a friend in Bratislava. Urusla is the one who I was staying with them when I was there.
Urusla send an email to her friend in Seoul who is teaching in Seoul Foreign School and they kindly invited me to stay with them and also Ryan organized few classes to visit and have my workshops.
I couldn’t visit Sophie’s class because she had a quite packed schedule but still I had a chance to have a quick look at her class which was still good enough.
we didn’t plant a tree when I had my workshops in Ryan classes but we agreed to manage it to plant a tree after 2 days when I was going to leave Seoul

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Book sale in Montessori school for trees


I met Mohammad when he was sitting across the lunch table from me at my school.  We often have visitors, people observing a Montessori school for their training, but they are usually local people. Sometimes they are visiting and speak only English, as I heard Mohammad speak English I immediately asked him about his visit.  I was very surprised to learn that he was there to plant a tree and talk to the children about why we need trees.  For me this was a great opportunity to have the children connect to larger world through an actual person,

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318.8 km in one was hard but nice feeling at the end.


I was back again to Beijing where I should wait for a letter to receive from Japan. as I wrote before luckily I had a nice place to stay with a lovely family. They were taking care of me so good. I was actually feeling embarrassed after they were doing a lot for me, but in the other hand as a person who is always away from family, friends and his family life, it is lovely to have sometimes people who take care of him that way.
It was like while staying at home and my mum would offer me foods which I like the most and she cooks twice a day just to treat me. so I tried just to enjoy

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Having some days off from Beijing


After few days in Beijing and staying mostly at home it was time to have some days off on my bike through mountains.
I had a look at the map and I designed a journey for 3 days. Meanwhile a friend called me and offered me to stay with her family in Beijing.  Mrs Morassaee and her husband Saeed Khoshroo with their 3 kind girls were people who I was going to meet after coming back from mountain.
They moved to Beijing a few months ago and she is one of those who is following my radio reports and after she learned I am here I Beijing

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Start cycling in China with Bamboo


Finally after nearly 5 years it was time to return to my old track, where I left my bicycle and I went back to Iran. Almost 5 years passed, time goes by so quick and I would never expect to leave my bike there for 5 years.
In February 2009 I left my bicycle and all my stuff somewhere in Nanjing and I went to Shanghai to extend my visa. Following 2 dreams at night made me decide to leave and go to Iran without turning back to get my bike with me.
While I was in Iran in the very few months, my best friend went to Nepal and he drowned in a river while kayaking.

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Workshop and tree planting in Beijing


One of the most important things I should have organized before I arrive to Beijing was to find a school for my project.  I didn’t have many contacts here in Beijing and my only Chinese friends was away in holiday, so I wrote to Eve, my Swiss friend who I was going to stay in her apartment.
I knew Eve since I Was in China last time going back to February 2009. In that time also she was hosting me.
I wrote her and asked her for any possible contacts for schools. In the other hand October holidays were just on the corner and I wouldn’t have much time to organize many schools.
after she wrote me back some email addresses and also websites for international, British and some other schools I found a link to a kind of NGO who are.....

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Leaving Spain and going back to France through Pyrenees



I was in Madrid for almost 3 weeks which was quite a long time to stay somewhere, but I had some lovely companies, a house which I was feeling exactly home there and people who were taking care of me like a member of their family and also so many schools to visit. I visited 10 schools in Madrid and still I should have say NO to some of them as I didn’t have time anymore.
It was quite complicated again to decide what to do or where to go. Regarding to the time I had and the original plan I had before visiting Spain, I supposed to go to Italy after Spain and then cross the Alps to Switzerland, but time passed quite quick and I stayed in Spain longer than I expected, so I should delete Italy from the plan also I should find a way to go back to Iran as it would be the time for vacation after my journey in Europe.
I was confused few days and finally the decision had been made: I will delete Italy first, I will fly out to Istanbul from Lyon and I will cycle to Montpellier from Zaragoza through Pyrenees and Andorra and then continue through Alps to Geneva where I could meet Bob McKerrow after 6 years.
Now I knew what to do and it was all about planning the journey.

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Latest News

Released at October 6

I had 10 days of cycling in Iran, going up and down through many hills and mountains which was quite hard in my first days of cycling.
Finally I made it on the righ ttime to be in Golestan national park where I am going to run a campaign to clean up the park from trash. I have invited people from all over the country to come and join to clean it up. 
The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue 6 days till October 12. 
Afterward I will keep cycling north....