A mystery of receiving supports when I was run out of money for 16 days


After I returned to Italy from Switzerland, I had 5 days before I fly to Paris and then Iran. 
I was so impatient to take my bike and get back to the road.
So I cycled to Napoli through the coast and I was hoping to leave my bike there.... 


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I am on the road again


It was already 6 months after I returned home from S Korea to do my peace ride project with Rick. I kept traveling through Iran after Rick left Iran till I came to a point which I found myself quite busy with friends and people on my way.
So I decided to stop cycling in Iran and spend some time on my own, basically training to get ready for the next part of my journey.
3 months later I was totally impatient and I could stay any longer in Iran. I needed to move and to be on the road again.
I had already my visa but I didn’t have enough money to afford flight to any destination to Europe. It is high season and flights are quite expensive, so after searching a lot I found a flight from Istanbul to Milan which was quite cheap but I had to wait 28 days for that flight.
I had no choice, either to wait to see if

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Leaving Bushehr to enjoy spring in Shiraz


Finally after 2 weeks I left Bushehr. I had 2 wonderful weeks with Mazdak and Alaleh who hosted me and also the weather was getting warm. It was enough to continue my journey south along the Persian Gulf and I had to follow spring farther north. So I decided to go toward Shiraz and then North West where I could go through mountains which is amazingly beautiful in spring.
I knew Mazdak and Alaleh since 2 years ago before I cycle through Europe and they helped me to provide a video about my journey. Alaleh was director and Mazdak was producer for that video.
Knowing them and being aware of their beautiful heart encouraged me to go to Bushehr and have sometimes with them, but like always time was over again with some beloved ones. I had to leave and go for my life, for the road and for the new stories.
I had some friends in Borazjan which is a city 60km north of Bushehr on my way to Shiraz. So my first day was quite easy.

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Cycling through south of Iran


After Rick, I spent the most of my time in south of Iran except my flight to Mashhad because of my sister’s wedding party and my returning back again to south by my car. It wasn’t the first time of my travelling by airplane but I think whoever saw me that how I was looking out the window of the airplane thought so .I was so amazed and nearly most of the time of my flight spent watching out….I have travelled more than the average level that people travel but I still feel I need to see more, more and more …..I am still thirsty to visit the nature and generally the world, that’s kind of everlasting hunger!!

Less than one month of New Year passed.

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Workshop and tree planting in BandarAbbas

"It is February, I am in the south of Iran in Bandarabbas that spring has been almost started, fragrance of mango blooms can be felt everywhere, I am here to spread the message of " we need trees" with school children, again lovely and innocent kids that can change their way of life, children are all the same, frank questions, funny reactions, freely laughing at some of my photos, I was in a class full of 10 or 11 year-old boys, they are full of energy and curiosity, I am telling them that why we need trees and why we should care about our climate and nature, they are asking me honestly and s
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My journey in Iran before meeting with Rick


Meeting Rick in Iran and starting our common project Despite all my efforts to prepare my visa to Oman didn’t succeed.
Waiting to get ready my visa is a part of challenges that I face in my trips. Rick and I had a common project to do in Oman country but waiting for visa was postponing this one hand this obstacle had kept my mind busy, on other hand I believed that this delay has reason and must happen to me. I believe my faith. This kind of attitude to my problems and obstacles that I face in my way makes me calm and reduce my stress

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Back to Iran


Leaving Korea and going back to Iran for getting visa I was still in Korea and didn’t know what exactly to do for taking next step in my way. I didn’t know exactly how to manage my plan with Rick for peace ride project and how to get visa and join him. Whenever I am in this kind of dark situation, I used to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere to think more .I needed a place to be alone .Because of my style of life ,I couldn’t provide this environment easily.

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Another vacation finished and I am back to the road!!


I was at home since I left Tajikistan in August 2011.
after I went back home I was trying to find some people, united them and make a kind of NGO for our work. It took me few months but honestly I should say all the efforts failed. Unfortunately I was not able to make things organized and I should admit which I am not a team leader. To organize a team the very first thing I should do is to be available but it was hard for me to stay somewhere for so long !!! I am a nomad!!! I felt I need to move myself and the others were busy with their job and of course they have things to do themselves in a very messy society of Iran with all crises that we are facing with.
It was winter and I began to cycle in desert toward south and after almost 2 months I got an offer for a job. It was a nice one and I also could make some money to do my responsibilities against my family.
The job also took me few months and I finished around June. The other contract were on the corner and my colleagues asked me to stay longer to do those projects

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Start Iranian new year with planting trees

Iranians start the new year next to the family, holy places and ...this year we are planning to start the new year next to you dear friends in the nature with planting trees Location : Mashhad - Torghabeh Event starts at 8:30 ended at noon and we will have Iranian national table(haft sin) for our new year and gusts will be served with special cookies and Persian treats .Trees will be planted by kids and we will provide a name for each tree chosen by them.
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Released at October 6

I had 10 days of cycling in Iran, going up and down through many hills and mountains which was quite hard in my first days of cycling.
Finally I made it on the righ ttime to be in Golestan national park where I am going to run a campaign to clean up the park from trash. I have invited people from all over the country to come and join to clean it up. 
The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue 6 days till October 12. 
Afterward I will keep cycling north....