Facing some personal challenges and trying not to ignore them.


After I left Neuvic and just right after celebrating 9th anniversary of my journey, I faced with some challenges which were looking new, but in fact they are not new and I just postponed them to face and I was trying to do not face them earlier. but anyway there is no other way and I had to go through them and get to a point where I could stand on my feet while feeling alone.


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Again freedom, being on the road and meeting amazing people


Finally Iam on the road again ...yohooo
my permit arrived on Wednesday and next day I was already on the road. I couldnt wait any longer and I was too impatient to be back on the road and to continue again. 
The door opened and I began to cycle thorugh France where I met some amazing people, I faced some mazingly harsh weather and difficult road and where I could also eventualy evaluate my limits while facing some challenges. 

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A mystery of receiving supports when I was run out of money for 16 days


After I returned to Italy from Switzerland, I had 5 days before I fly to Paris and then Iran. 
I was so impatient to take my bike and get back to the road.
So I cycled to Napoli through the coast and I was hoping to leave my bike there.... 


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Leaving Spain and going back to France through Pyrenees



I was in Madrid for almost 3 weeks which was quite a long time to stay somewhere, but I had some lovely companies, a house which I was feeling exactly home there and people who were taking care of me like a member of their family and also so many schools to visit. I visited 10 schools in Madrid and still I should have say NO to some of them as I didn’t have time anymore.
It was quite complicated again to decide what to do or where to go. Regarding to the time I had and the original plan I had before visiting Spain, I supposed to go to Italy after Spain and then cross the Alps to Switzerland, but time passed quite quick and I stayed in Spain longer than I expected, so I should delete Italy from the plan also I should find a way to go back to Iran as it would be the time for vacation after my journey in Europe.
I was confused few days and finally the decision had been made: I will delete Italy first, I will fly out to Istanbul from Lyon and I will cycle to Montpellier from Zaragoza through Pyrenees and Andorra and then continue through Alps to Geneva where I could meet Bob McKerrow after 6 years.
Now I knew what to do and it was all about planning the journey.

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Cycling through Pyrenees


The reason I decided to go through Pyrenees goes back to the time when I was in Paris, with Ali Mohanna we were looking for a restaurant and finally we decided to eat in an old restaurant from 1685. we were there to experience Paris ambiance. An Irish couple was next to us and we began to talk. Fidel and Philip ..a lovely one. When we were going to leave restaurant I gave them my card and they kindly invited me to stay with them if I pass through their town. I came back home and looked at the map,..I knew which I will be in Biaritz which is on the south west of France and it was exactly in the same level south but east and to get through I should go through Pyrenees, a range of mountain which stretched all the way from west to the east between France and Spain. My way of traveling is just to go with no information and no fixed plan. Just let see what is happening and follow it.

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Paris to the south of France


I left Paris by train to Tours, a city on the Luire valley. Again the reason for me to get there was a friend. Always friends and people are the one who make a route for me.
I met Myriam 6 years ago in Varanasi-India while walking along the Gangues at night. I was with Diego my Brazilian friend and in sudden hips of Indian guy attacked her. They were pulling her scarf and she was was one of the most hardest moments in my journey. We ran to her and pulled her out of the crowd.
we were all sad and angry…now 6 years later I was going to meet her again but in a very peaceful situation. I was so happy to see her again. I left the train and began to cycle along the Luir river.

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Tree Planting at the Pio Baroja Institute of Irún


Lien, Ingrid's daughter, organised a workshop at her school for me. Her english teacher Ana responded positively to her request of letting me have this workshop and tell students about my work as an environmental activist and cycling traveler around the world.
So on thursday the 18th of April Lien, Ingrid and I went to her school, which is the Pio Baroja Institute in Irún. Her teacher was so enthousiast about the project that she was already waiting to receive us at 8.00 in the morning at the entrance of the school.
Students of Lien's age (17 -18 years old) of the artistic and humanistic grade were regrouped for a first workshop,

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Paris to Brussels and back to Paris



When I arrived to Paris, I was kind of disappointed as all my friends where away. I was so happy to meet them but no one was there actually. It was quite difficult as also I didn’t have a place in Paris. Staying in hotel is not fun at all for me even though it is a 5 stars hotel. It is totally against my personal journey which is going through people and their lives. Always I have been asked from people everywhere, if I miss home or not? My answer was so clear with no need of thinking which is NO!! It was also a question for me too that what is the reason I don’t miss home? I was thinking it might be because I love traveling. ! that’s for sure but the main reason is I have home everywhere, I always live with people who I love, who I care and they do the same.
The second night I moved to stay with Segolene who I met 2 years ago in Baku. It was wonderful to meet her after 2 years and share some little time with her and her boyfriend. They are lovely and so nice people.
They live in a little tiny flat and also because of Easter holidays they were going to visit their parents, so I had no choice but staying in hotel. Next day I moved to hotel again

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From Geneva to Paris



Ron told me he will take me out of the Geneva by his car. It was a nice offer to get out of the town by car and start riding my bike somewhere on the road.
That’s why I left quite late. We were making joke over my plan which what time I would leave. I was telling Ron which I am going to start around 9:30 and he smiled and said: on which time zone? Swiss time, Iranian time or African? This means on Swiss time I would leave on 9:30, on Iranian ones I may leave around 10:30 or so and on African time I will leave anyway!!! I was happy to take African time as it was so flexible and easy one. That’s why we left around 10:30.
he drove me out of the city and when we drove around 30km out of the village where they live, I found a very nice road and just wanted to be on my bike to ride it through that road. So he dropped me there and after I checked the map we said goodbye and I began to ride.

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Released at October 6

I had 10 days of cycling in Iran, going up and down through many hills and mountains which was quite hard in my first days of cycling.
Finally I made it on the righ ttime to be in Golestan national park where I am going to run a campaign to clean up the park from trash. I have invited people from all over the country to come and join to clean it up. 
The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue 6 days till October 12. 
Afterward I will keep cycling north....