Madrid and many working days and meeting old friends again


After having all those challenges in Portugal, I will were facing some challenges and it seems that I couldnt get out of that situation. I had to deal with that and the most I was concern about what I should learn from these challenges. I was cycling few days with no money and at th eend I cycled 36 hours with no food while I cycled 225 km . It was hard and needed lots of courage and strength which I have gained a lot during my journey.

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After I make sure about any decision, I just do it.


Life is all about finding the right way and making the right decision in the right time and not always is easy either to find the right one or following it after I find it.

Many times my decision hurts people I love and I have a big respect for them.
But when there is a mission and a goal and a clear path, just should be followed and even I had hurt my most loving person, my mum in this way

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Leaving Spain and going back to France through Pyrenees



I was in Madrid for almost 3 weeks which was quite a long time to stay somewhere, but I had some lovely companies, a house which I was feeling exactly home there and people who were taking care of me like a member of their family and also so many schools to visit. I visited 10 schools in Madrid and still I should have say NO to some of them as I didn’t have time anymore.
It was quite complicated again to decide what to do or where to go. Regarding to the time I had and the original plan I had before visiting Spain, I supposed to go to Italy after Spain and then cross the Alps to Switzerland, but time passed quite quick and I stayed in Spain longer than I expected, so I should delete Italy from the plan also I should find a way to go back to Iran as it would be the time for vacation after my journey in Europe.
I was confused few days and finally the decision had been made: I will delete Italy first, I will fly out to Istanbul from Lyon and I will cycle to Montpellier from Zaragoza through Pyrenees and Andorra and then continue through Alps to Geneva where I could meet Bob McKerrow after 6 years.
Now I knew what to do and it was all about planning the journey.

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Barcelona to Madrid and having some hard challenging days


Cycling after Barcelona to Madrid Before I go to Barcelona I contacted few members of CS and WS in regard of having a place to stay while staying in Barcelona. Arantxa and Harriet were the ones who replied positively to my request and luckily Harriet was a teacher who could organize a tree planting in her school. I arrived around 8:30 when Arantxa was not available and I contacted Sara who is her flat mate. We met on the Catalonia square and we cycled home with Sara, An Italian friendly girl who could easily represent the culture and show how it is different from north of Europe.
I was happy to meet them and talk to them and later at night when Arantxa came also I had the same experience.

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Planting tree in Barcelona


We Need Trees


I met Mohammad on Warm Showers and hosted him for a couple of nights in Barcelona, during which time we talked about travelling, bikes, serendipity, and crazy dreams. He also came to the school where I work – ES International School near Barcelona where a group of highly motivated student-athletes spend their days studying and pursuing their own dreams of becoming great athletes, tennis players and bike racers.
It was a beautiful Friday – the day when we usually have our house meetings at school. Mohammad and I carried a small olive tree on the metro and lost a few
olives on the bus while the sun was rising over the motorway

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Planting tree in Adela Abrines - Madrid


Yesterday, it was a pleasure attending at the tree workshop that Mohammad have made in my daughter’s school, called Adela Abrines, in Madrid, Spain. The destiny has made that our life meet Mohammad’s life. I believe life is a movement about give and receive, but he is making it with a very special art. He has told and question to the kids of five and six years old about the essential roll of the trees for all been alive.
And he has made it as their early level, with concise words, short and clear sentences: nest, apples, and shadow, hug the trees, clean the air, give water to the trees

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Planting tree in Girona


5 years ago on May 2008 I met Marta Maergali from Spain in New Zealand while we were both cycling but in oposite directions.  we were staying both in  haast in a hostel. just an hour of chat at night and saying goodbye next morning was all our friendship experience.
I kept in touch with her through my common emails I send once a while and when I came to Europe she invited me kindly to his house if I pass through her city.
I cycled through Pyrenees and I entered to Spain from North East and directly I cycled to Girona, where Marta is living. 

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Cycling through Pyrenees


The reason I decided to go through Pyrenees goes back to the time when I was in Paris, with Ali Mohanna we were looking for a restaurant and finally we decided to eat in an old restaurant from 1685. we were there to experience Paris ambiance. An Irish couple was next to us and we began to talk. Fidel and Philip ..a lovely one. When we were going to leave restaurant I gave them my card and they kindly invited me to stay with them if I pass through their town. I came back home and looked at the map,..I knew which I will be in Biaritz which is on the south west of France and it was exactly in the same level south but east and to get through I should go through Pyrenees, a range of mountain which stretched all the way from west to the east between France and Spain. My way of traveling is just to go with no information and no fixed plan. Just let see what is happening and follow it.

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Tree Planting at the Pio Baroja Institute of Irún


Lien, Ingrid's daughter, organised a workshop at her school for me. Her english teacher Ana responded positively to her request of letting me have this workshop and tell students about my work as an environmental activist and cycling traveler around the world.
So on thursday the 18th of April Lien, Ingrid and I went to her school, which is the Pio Baroja Institute in Irún. Her teacher was so enthousiast about the project that she was already waiting to receive us at 8.00 in the morning at the entrance of the school.
Students of Lien's age (17 -18 years old) of the artistic and humanistic grade were regrouped for a first workshop,

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Released at October 6

I had 10 days of cycling in Iran, going up and down through many hills and mountains which was quite hard in my first days of cycling.
Finally I made it on the righ ttime to be in Golestan national park where I am going to run a campaign to clean up the park from trash. I have invited people from all over the country to come and join to clean it up. 
The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue 6 days till October 12. 
Afterward I will keep cycling north....