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Our team and our goals

Mohammad Tajeran
Founder of We Need Trees

From : Iran Born : July , 15 , 1976
1990 The beginning of sports activity in bicycling for 10 years.
2000 The beginning of mount climbing for 5 years.
A member of mountain rescue team( Iranian red crescent sosiety)
A member of Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot
Being active in Tourist Bicycling for 8 years.
Having Batchelor Degree in mechanic.
Tourist cycling guide in Iran . Active in mount climbing , caving , Tourist cycling and photography.

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Mehrdad Afshar
manager and programmer


Mohi MirdamadiMohamadReza Mirdamadi (mohi)
Web Services Maintainer and Programmer
Born in 1982 in Mashhad, a travel enthusiastic and environment activist, has BSc in Metallugy from Isfahan and also a specialist in web based computing. Serving we need trees website and maintaining the website and services on this wesite is something he works for on here more.
He is a Free/Opensource software fan, activist, trainer and project manager and build this website, all from base, from free/opensource techs. He also believes using free/opensource softwares would also help spreading friendship and humanity to people and on the other hand by using less resources and money, it will help protect environment!

He wants to start his cycling trip from Mashhad/Iran to Madrid/Spain in Spring 2013 with his wife, Sharare, who is also this teams's artwork designer.

to contact him send mail to mohi [AT]

Mehri  rezayi
Education programmer & Trainer

M.Sc. degree in natural science- Environment science, 2010, Tarbiyat Modares University, Tehran
Teaching Experiences
Air pollution course (bachelor science) 2010, Motahar Institute
Environmental disasters (bachelor science), 2010, The University of Applied Science Education in Khurasan Razavi
The supervisor of 12 bachelor science project, 2011, Motahar Institute
Technical training
1- Hazardous waste management with emphasise on POPs substance (include introduction of waste management facilities, fundamental guideline for waste incineration and hazardous exhaust gas control), ( Basel convention office ,Tehran 2010)
2-Air pollutant data management certificate from World Bank (include placement criteria for air station monitoring, data management) (Tehran, 2006)
3- Air pollution control course certificate from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) (include data managing, pollutant measuring, control air pollutant indoor and outdoor facilities, pollutant modelling (Japan, Ozaka, 2004)

Dr Jeff Wilson
General advisor

who provides guidance to We Need Trees on environmental and teaching in the environmental sciences, is Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Texas, Brownsville, USA. Dr. Wilson did his post-doctoral work at Harvard University and completed his PhD in Environmental Science at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Prior to academia, Dr. Wilson served in the private sector as a strategy consultant at Ernst & Young and a project manager at IBM Corporation.
Dr. Wilson has received funding from the National Science Foundation and is an author of more than 20 scientific scholarly publications. Dr. Wilson, recipient of the 2011 Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award, was ranked the #1 University-level assistant professor out of approximately 5,000 professors in the UT system

Fatma Bulaz

She contatcs people, companies, schools...etc in order of organazing workshops in schools, tree plantings, event managing, sponsorship or getting more people involved to thi sproject.

Email :
Phone : +31-6-4308 2963

 Mehdi Hosseinian
Financial manager




Ardavan Roozbeh
Media co-ordinator


Iman Safaeian

We were in the same university as Mohammad was and we studied both Mechanich engineering.
Afterward we continued in the same team for mountain climbing and now here still we are helping each other for a grater goal which is more important than our previous personal interaction.
As a member of this project I do some co-operating for tree planting events, educationlam planning and try to find supporting potentials.
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  Mehdi Shariati
Who is an active member since 2007 has received his bachelor in Biology in 2006. He has been inspired to start his own series of travels around the world after meeting Mohammad in person (2007). He has been an active member to share eco friendly alternative approaches with locals to reduce global warming, educating villagers, environmental recovery/cleaning services in small towns in Iran. He enjoys club actives such as recent gathering of a few hundreds of volunteers to plant 400 endangered trees in north east of Iran ( January 2013) which attracted national's media's attention.
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Wanessa Spiess

Why do I help this team? Because we need to look for more, in a way that we can do better, we can do greater. We always should be happy for what we have and feel like we can live more! Let's makes the world goes round

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Latest News

Released at March 5

After 3 days in Rome, I received a call from immigration office in Bern where my visa is registered. they asked me to go there by myself and stay inside Switzerland before my visa expirs. I am trying to extend it and stay longer in Europe to have possibility of visiting Switzerland more often and meeting board members of the association to discuss and to work more on the association.
Now I am leaving my bike here in Rome and from today I will start hitchhiking to Bern and also camping along the way.
I will have some fun anyway... 

This is the news from UCI ( Union Cyclist International ) about my journey.